Wondering what to do with ratty old clothes and textiles?

You wouldn’t give them as gifts.
You shouldn’t throw them in the trash.
You can’t put them in the recycling bin.
Salvation Army
Big Brothers Big Sisters
St. Vincent de Paul
Planet Aid
Mint Green Planet
Recycling Associates
This is where they belong.
As long as they’re CLEAN, DRY, and ODORLESS. (it’s OK if they’re still stained after washing)
You know you can give these organizations the good clothes you no longer wear.
But did you know you can also give them clothes that aren’t good enough to wear?
Clothes that are stained, full of holes, ripped, or just hopelessly out of style. As long as they’re CLEAN (laundered, that is; it’s OK if they’re still stained after laundering), DRY, and ODORLESS, the following organizations will accept them:

Why do they accept such items?

Because they can sell them to companies that repurpose them into rags, furniture stuffing, insulation, and more. Of course, they still want your gently worn, usable clothes, too. So, put the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff in the same bag and toss it into your favorite collection bin.

In fact,

these organizations will accept more than just clothes. You can give other textiles like towels, sheets, tablecloths, jackets, and more. Remember, if the items are CLEAN, DRY, and ODORLESS — even if they’re old, stained, ugly, frayed, or torn — they belong where they can do the most good.